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It is early morning. The sun is just waking up and its sleepy rays are feebly pushing through the clouds. I am standing in the middle of this cosy market which is full of fresh, and homemade products. As I walk between the different stalls, an incredible sight unfolds before me. The alternating tables of fruits, vegetables, flowers, meats, cheeses and jams form a colourful cavalcade reminiscent of a carnival. Finally, I arrive at a stall which offers delicious honey. But a question came to my mind. Is honey a healthy food? Let’s find out!

But what is the history of this unique product? What are its Health benefits?

Honey was always part of our life. Due to its incredible properties and versatility, this beautiful gift plays a role in significant part in our history. The earliest record of beekeeping is an 8000-year-old cave painting which can be found at the Arana Caves in Spain. However, they also found fossils of honey bees that date back to about 150 million years ago. In the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and all around Europe until the Renaissance, honey was used as a sweetener, gift to the gods, ingredient, and medicine. When the sugar arrived, honey was used less. 

It is interesting to know that the ancient Egyptians and Greeks baked a honey cake and used it to offer to appease the gods.

honey as a healthy food

Healing properties of honey as a healthy food
Healing properties of honey

Honey has a lot of effects on our health.

  • it contains all the substances necessary for the nutrition of the cells
  • natural immune booster
  • killing bacteria
  • anti-inflammatory
  • a healthier alternative to sugars

So which kind of honey is good and for what?

Honey is a gift from Nature and healthy food
Honey is a gift from Nature

There are several types of honey and they have different active ingredients.

The first honey I examine is the golden yellow acacia honey. It is soft with a pleasant neutral aroma. It is perfect to treat colds, sore throats, bone problems, anaemia, detoxification and strengthening the immune system.

Next, I discover the sunflower honey. When it’s fresh it has a golden yellow colour, but with time it’s slowly darkening. It is very good for sore throat, antioxidant treatments and men’s problems (prostate, difficulty urinating). 

Continue my discovery…

Let’s take a closer look at the canola honey. The pale yellow colour of honey has a mild flavour and smells sweet. It helps with a sore throat, sensitive stomach, anaemia, and strengthening the immune system.

The colour of mixed flower honey is varied from light yellow to almost black. The taste and smell of the honey are also diverse. It is great for strengthening the immune system, for external treatment of abrasions and wounds, and for general health preservation.

Linden honey colour varies from light yellow to amber. Its taste is very strong and slightly bitter. It has an intense linden scent. Use this honey in the case of colds, sore throats, coughs and diseases accompanied by fever. It also helps to overcome nervousness, restlessness, and insomnia. (consume 1 spoonful of honey before going to bed)


Honey also has negative effects, but it can even be fatal. It is a type of sugar, so consumed it in moderation. Cardiologists usually recommend that women consume no more than a little over two tablespoons, and men no more than three tablespoons of honey a day. 

Honey also contains dangerous bacteria which cause infant botulism. So babies cannot consume honey before the age of one.

Those who are allergic to pollen and consume honey or propolis products may experience unpleasant symptoms.

So what is the conclusion?

I really enjoyed the conversation with the salesperson who is also a beekeeper. He gave me a lot of information and tips about honey. Also, I found out the answer to my question, honey is healthy food. I can also say that it is a superfood for humanity. After I purchased acacia honey I begin to implement it into my everyday life. I use it in several ways such as for cooking, baking, and in my drinks. It is also a great medicine when I am sick.

Good to know! 

When you buy honey make sure that the label shows the product’s place of origin and the name of the beekeeper.

Quick tips on how to use honey:

  • Stir honey into coffee or tea
  • Use honey in your dressings or marinades
  • Drizzle honey on top of toast, pancakes or oatmeal
  • Mix honey into yoghurt, cereal, or oatmeal 
  • Use raw honey when you roast vegetables

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