Personality types for reach success in life and business

When selling your products and services, you must come across the question that everyone asks. What is the key technique which is effective and maximises your sales target? What is the secret to a successful sale? I completely understand as a business owner myself; I often asked this question until I found the answer. Understanding Personality Types and needs.

Like many people, we intend to concentrate on more to sell rather than who we sell to.. But why is focusing on customers’ needs so important? Why is it necessary to take time to study and observe them?

“If you want to be successful in your sales career, you need to learn How to Sell to Different Personality Types.” -Rhys Metler

Understanding your customers is an essential skill for sales. The reason is with the wrong approach (using wrong sales pitch) can cost you your sales. Losing sales is losing money. If you can identify their personality type, you will be able to adjust your sales approach and strategy. This understanding will result in a successful sale to anyone you take time to understand. And if you master this technique you may with practice identify their personality style in minutes.

Successful Sales
So, let’s dive into the different personality types and what you need to know about them..

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Assertive  Amiable ♦ Expressive  Analytic

The Assertive Personality Types

The Assertive Personality Types

I found the assertive the easiest to deal with as they are direct.

One of my hobbies is glass painting and I regularly participate in Christmas markets. I have to say it is a perfect place to come across and absorb different personalities.

One time a lady approached my stall. As soon as she knew that she had my attention she told me “I am looking for a candle holder as a present for my friend”. From her directness, I knew that she wants concrete information, fast so she can decide and be able to move on.

I grabbed one of my works and gave it to her. While she had the opportunity to examine this piece of art, I told her all the relevant information and explained its uniqueness. And that was it. The candle holder was sold.

So, when you are dealing with assertive, be prepared and professional, straight to the point, and provide a physical example so they can see how the product will fulfil their needs.

The Amiable Personality Types

The Amiable Personality Types
I just joined a business group and I met Anne at one of its meetings. After we finished, she came to me and told me that she liked my presentation and she found my products unique. She also explained that the reason she wanted to talk to me is that she is middle of renovating her living room and she is looking for some ideas regards to decoration. I realised that I must spend more time with her to arrive at a decision and purchase. So, I invited Anne for a cup of coffee at a nearby Café.

As we sat at the table, we began a conversation. She was very friendly, and calm, and listened to me attentively. I explained to her my working process step by step, then I asked her questions so I can gather more information to find out about her needs. I also showed her one of my similar projects. The pictures gave her the perfect visual example of what my works look like. It took me some time but it was worth it as she became a loyal customer.

With The amiable, you need to be patient and professional. Take time to build a relationship and explain your work or plan step by step. Help them visualise the result by using examples such as telling stories and showing photos or videos. It is also important to give them a personal guarantee so they will feel more comfortable and open to purchase.

The Expressive Personality Types

The Expressive Personality Types
Meet another customer of mine Jean. I met her a long time ago at a classical music concert when I was singing the famous Panis Angelicus and she accompanied me on piano. As I became to know her more and more, I realized that she has a powerful personality. I also saw that long-term personal relationships are very important for her and she constantly emphasizes respect, loyalty, and friendship.

So, I took my time and built a friendship with her. Although I briefly explained what I am doing, I waited until she became interested in my products. I also invited Jean to one of the Christmas markets which turned out the best decision ever. Here, she could see how my products made an impact on other people. Since then, she became one of my loyal customers and advocator.

How can you deal with an expressive? Well, one of the most important things is to create a strong professional relationship on a personal level. Highlight the quality of your products or services but avoid too many descriptions. Give them examples from a client with who you have an ongoing relationship and how your work has had an impact on this person. Finally, make sure to check regularly that both of you are on the same page.

The Analytic Personality Types

The Analytic Personality Types
In 2019 I had the opportunity to display my works at an art exhibition. I was so excited but nervous at the same time. During the reception, a gentleman came to me. His name was Gerry. We began to talk about the exhibition and of course my paintings. He was formal and direct and he had a lot of questions. Gerry was interested in everything that involved my work. I professionally answered his questions by giving detailed information and using my paintings as an example. After our conversation which seemed to take forever, he finally purchased one of my paintings.

When you are dealing with the analytic type you must be prepared and patient because the selling process will be longer. This personality type of people is not looking for a professional relationship instead they are strictly interested in the product or service. Expect that they will research you and their questions will be different than general. They are logical and cautious. So, provide detailed information and support it with facts and stats. Also, highlight the personalized solutions of your work. Although they don’t decide quickly, once the analytic personality makes their decision, they won’t change it.

The key of successful sales
Every customer has their own unique personality style. They will feel more comfortable and more likely to purchase when they are sold to in a specific way. Keep in mind that most people will be a mix of these personality types.

However, if you are familiar with the core personalities, you become more confident in sales. You will be able to customize your strategy to fit any situation you come across and more than likely you will have a successful sale. Furthermore, you can use this skill in your personal life and create a stronger connection with your family and friends.

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