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In recent months, I have started a project called Culinary Culture World. The main goal is to introduce different dishes from a variety of people including chefs from different countries. Also, it helps to educate people about the different aspects of food such as products, ingredients, and health.


The first time I met Kate was when we were representing Hungary at a multicultural food festival organized by 4C. We quickly become friends and we both realized that we have a similar passion which is food. Surprisingly, both of us have a business based on this passion.

Culinary Culture World Hungary
Culinary Culture World Hungary

This week I visited Kate Domokos. She is the owner and chef of her business called Hungry Hungarian. After a long drive, we arrived at this beautiful countryside home. We were greeted by my smiley friend who invited us for a cup of coffee. Her living room was decorated with old style antique furniture and many traditional Hungarian crafted items which reminded me of our beautiful culture and my home. We did the interview within this relaxing atmosphere and I really enjoyed the conversation with her.

The beginning

Kate is from Nyiregyhaza which is a city in northeastern Hungary. With a population of 118,001, it is the seventh-largest city in Hungary and the largest in Northern Hungary and the northern part of the Great Hungarian Plain. She moved to Ireland in 2008 and she is living here since with her husband and three sons.

The beautiful couple Katie & Csaba
Katie & Csaba

She became the owner of Hungry Hungarian in 2017 and she runs her business with her family. Her goal is to cook and show delicious Hungarian food to different nationalities. Her main dishes are langos which is a Hungarian food specialty, a deep-fried flat bread as well as the famous Gulyas soup, fried sausages, stuffed cabbage, and a variety of freshly fried meats. She found that people like these dishes. There is a lot of interest also in these from locals who are keen to taste the Hungarian dishes.

The Glasnevin market in Dublin
Glasnevin Indoor Market

Besides the Hungry Hungarian, Kate is an organizer of Glasnevin Indoor Market which is held on every Sunday in Dublin 11. The idea behind the market was to bring together small entrepreneurs from different nationalities. At present, the market has Irish, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovakian and Mexican sellers.

As we approached the market, we can smell instantly the mixture of delicious food. But the real experience begins when a variety of stalls unfold in front of our eyes. The freshly picked vegetables and fruits, the colourful flowers, the numerous craft items and clothes, the delicious food and the tasty wines bring the real market feeling to us.

A delicious chicken dish

Today Kate cooked a traditional Hungarian dish for us called Bakonyi Csirkemellragu.

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