6 things you probably didn’t know about Irish hamburgers

There is a beautiful, green island lying off the coast of England and Wales. It`s the home of legends, myths and medieval castles, making this place so mysterious. Ireland is also famous for its drinks and food. Let’s find out 6 things you didn’t know about Irish hamburgers.

Welcome to Ireland!

Although mostly the weather is dull and rainy, today the sun decided to brighten this country up. As I am walking on the street, I can feel in the air that the summer is over and autumn is approaching fast.

Suddenly, I discovered this cosy little restaurant. I decided to go in and try the famous Irish burger. The hamburger is one of the world’s most popular foods.

6 things you didn’t know about Irish hamburgers

In this list, you will find out about this delicious food’s history, its popularity and why it’s so good! Enjoy!

6 things you didn't know about Irish hamburgers
Delicious Irish hamburger

1) The patties

This Irish cuisine is rather simple. It has lots of salty flavours, fragrant, just-cut herbs, and some of the finest meat the world has to offer.

2) The first commercial burgers

Edward Abbott was the first person to make a commercial burger. In 1885, he created Ireland’s first ever ‘burger’ at his restaurant at Lucan Fair Green, Co. Dublin. He sold his famous ‘Abbot Burgers’ for one shilling each at the fair which ran from 8th August until 13th September 1886 – with all proceeds going towards building St Mark’s Church of Ireland church hall.

3) The ‘hamburg’ is an Irish invention

Hamburg has its origins in Hamburg, Germany – hence its name. In Ireland, butchers began selling ‘hamburg’ in 1876 and were soon such a hit that they have now become an iconic part of any self-respecting Irish pub.

4) Irish people love their burger

A Bord Bia study found that 42% of Irish people eat burgers regularly at home. Also, 70% of consumers believe that Irish beef burgers are the best in the world and the average person consumes 43 burgers a year on average.

5) Burger vans in Ireland

Food trucks in Ireland are a relatively new addition to the Irish food industry. In recent years lifestyle choices have changed and as a result more and more food trucks have appeared.

6) National Burger Day

National Burger Day celebrates burger lovers across Ireland every year. You can try various meal deals and unique burgers created exclusively for this day.

Traditional Irish cuisine is characterized by a lot of meat dishes. Burgers have been done for many years and its popularity is only increasing amongst Irish people.

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